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We have a passion for fashion and entertainment. We live and breath the entertainment world, wether it´s stand-up, music, magic or clothes. What is Lady Gagas latest outfit and does it contain meat?

Magic is entertainment

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Stand-Up – Controversial

Real good stand-up should be smart and controversial and make you think about lifes difficulties and hardships and put them in a light that you have never thougt of before. That is smart comedy.

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The origins of stand-up comedy goes way back all the way to 1840.

According to this text from wikipedia: Stand-up comedy got its start in the 1840s from the three-act, variety show format of minstrel shows (via blackface performances of the Jim Crow character); Frederick Douglass criticized these shows for profiting from and perpetuating racism. Minstrelsy monologists performed second-act, stump-speech monologues from within minstrel shows until 1896, although traces of these racist performances continued to be used until the mid-1900s. 

Stand-up comedy also has roots in various traditions of popular entertainment of the late 19th century, including vaudeville (via minstrel shows, dime museums, concert saloons, freak shows, variety shows, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus), American burlesque (via Lydia Thompson’s feminization of the minstrel show, concert saloons, English music halls, and circus clown antics), and humorist monologues like those delivered by Mark Twain in his first (1866) touring show, Our Fellow Savages of the Sandwich Islands.Unadulterated, vaudeville monologuist run-times were 10-15 minutes. There you have a little short segment on the history of Stand-up comedy. It is a very popular entertainment and art form that belongs in our history.

Entertainment and art are usually interwtined and have gone hand in hand for as long as anyone can remember. Art is entertainment and entertainment is art. But is it always good? That is up to the eye of the beholder. The one that interpretes the art or entertainment.

We love art – especially photography – Art prints for everyone

In modern times it has become increasingly popular to own art in the form of art prints. This is something more and more people choose to invest in long term and to use as a conversation piece in their home. Maybe to feel semi intellectual. Who knows.

What we do know however is that it seems like the interest in art in general is increasing in the digital age. But it´s not only classic art but the new expressions in the form of digital art taken with a camera, not uncommon with a modern smart phone. This is becoming more and more popular. It also makes art more and more accessible to everyone which is a good thing.

If you take a look back in the day art was mostly for the rich, enjoyed in their own secluded places not accessible to everyone. that has totally changed for the better. These days there are art festivals all over the world were everyone can see and contemplate what the artist intended with their work.